Hand Crafted and Locally Made

Alchemy is a small candle company located on 24 acres nestled in the Molalla Hills of Oregon. All of our candles are made to order and blended in small batches to ensure freshness and protect the integrity of each aroma. Handcrafting each candle allows us to create candles of depth, elegance and character.


Our original blends contain pure essential and precious quality natural oils from flowers, fruits, herbs and trees. Our essences are of the finest quality and do not contain needless chemicals commonly used in perfumes and other commercially made products.


Our candles are made with the highest quality, biodegradable, food grade paraffin wax. This is the same wax used to make fine chocolates and coat the surface of fruits and vegetables like apples and cucumbers. We use 100% pure, lead-free cotton wicks to promote the cleanest burn. When burned properly our candles burn exceptionally clean with minimum waste and soot. We believe that by using the highest quality ingredients, we can produce the finest candles.

Sustainability & Environment

Alchemy is dedicated to creating premium candles while embracing environmental practices. Our candles are packaged using both biodegradable and recycled post-consumer material. All raw materials used in making our candles are made in the U.S.A. Alchemy is 100% wind powered, and in March 2009, we planted 4,600 native Douglas Fir trees on our land for forest restoration.